Wednesday, February 26th 10amPST/1pmEST

Join "Project Time Collection for Life Sciences" Webcast, presented by Joyce Bellomo, CFO

In this 30-minute webcast our CFO Joyce Bellomo will present R&D Time and how to improve operational productivity by fully integrating project time and FTE information using On-demand tools.

For the R&D intensive life science company, accurate project time collection and FTE reporting is critical for successfully managing collaborations, grants, internal R&D projects and research tax credits. We will discuss best practices for time collection and reporting, including:

  • Collecting and tracking time for project by percentage or by hour

  • Automatically converting employee time into project FTEs for cost allocation and analysis

  • Capturing effort to activities via a user interface designed for busy scientists

  • Receiving alerts and integrating with payroll to increase efficiencies

  • Viewing real-time employee summaries detailing PTO and other time off balances

  • Requesting and scheduling time-off

Need more information? Read our Blog entries on the challenges, benefits and success factors for tracking time in R&D-intensive environments.

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